In terms of IT and Networking, domain name is the name of your business/industry which uniquely identifies your presence on the internet.

Domain name is a combination of text which is actually mapped to an IP address in DNS systems. Usually, domain names are being used to access a business website through a browser. For example, domain name for IT Granules is

Let’s assume, you have a business name called “XYZ Cars” and you deal in buying and selling of motor vehicles. You might have a physical location of your showroom where your customers can pop in and purchase cars. Now, you want to expand your business online and want to sell these cars somewhere on the internet so people can check car details and purchase different cars online.

To achieve this, you’ll need a website. To have your presence online on your business website you’ll need a domain name. You would want to have the same name as your business name e.g., etc.

You’ll need to go to hosting providers and purchase this online. There are hundreds of hosting providers online. Few of them are listed below:


Network Solutions


Behind every domain name there is a numeric IP Address binding in place. This binding is usually present in DNS systems. These DNS systems work as a phone book directory where every domain name has been assigned an IP Address. When we access a domain name through the browser it resolves this domain name to the actual IP Address where the content (website) of this domain name is hosted.

What is domain name?

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